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Tricia Veik

Tricia Veik has earned multiple accomplishments throughout her career. She is double board certified in hearing healthcare. With National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and licensed by the State of Iowa as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Tricia proudly serves on the Iowa Board of Hearing Aid Specialists. She exhibits a vast knowledge of hearing health with ten years of knowledge and experience.


Tricia's passion to help people with hearing loss began at a young age, her grandfather had a severe to profound hearing loss.  She made it her mission to be sure he was never left out of conversations and that he understood what was being said.  The last things you want to say to someone with a hearing loss is, "never mind", or "I'll tell you later".  She learned in early childhood that inclusion is vital for quality of life.  She continually reminded those around her not to shout but to project and enunciate for him to understand better. 

Tricia's passion grew when her son was diagnosed with a moderate hearing loss as a toddler.  This drove her to advocacy.  She researched and found the best educational program for his hearing needs.  She helped to create support groups for parents of children who were deaf or hard of hearing.  She took numerous sign language classes in order to better communicate with her son and his peers.  Her experience brought her to be a scholarship judge for the Foundation for Sight and Sound.  The foundation awards students who are deaf and/or hard of hearing with scholarship dollars and hearing aids to begin their collegiate journey.

Tricia's career in the hearing field began in the retail market. Providing hearing testing, counseling, programming hearing aids for her patients and ongoing care.  After five years in retail, an opportunity arose that enabled her to broaden her skills and career.  Tricia began clinical work in an audiology department and became the sole hearing provider for a local ENT practice.  Working with an ear nose and throat doctor provided her with a wealth of knowledge.  She is extremely fortunate to have had such an experience, this experience enhanced her skills and made her a better practitioner.  The hearing world and hearing technology continues to evolve.  Tricia strives to stay up to date on what the hearing industry has to offer in regards to hearing aids and communication needs.  She has had exclusive one on one training with the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

Tricia is blessed to have the opportunity to enhance her patient's quality of life on a daily basis and strongly advocate for them and their hearing loss.  She works with their loved ones on communication techniques.  Her life experiences has given her empathy for her patients and their loved ones. 

Tricia's entrepreneurial spirit has guided her to operate her own hearing aid practice. Doing so has allowed her to do the best for her patients.  By managing her own practice she has the freedom to recommend the best technology for her patients. Her practice is located in the heart of Urbandale, which borders Des Moines. She is in the office daily so she can focus on her patients in and around the Des Moines area.

Outside of the office Tricia's passions are family, her dog, friends, and the Kansas City Chiefs! Game days are spent cheering on her team with fellow Chiefs fans.  She loves to travel, and is mesmerized by the sound of waves, she tends to plan her travel around bodies of water.  When she isn't relaxing on a beach she is usually playing card or board games with her friends and family.  She may or may not be slightly competitive.


  • IHA, Iowa Hearing Association
  • State of Iowa, serves on the Board for Hearing Aid Specialists
  • Foundation for Sight and Sound, former scholarship judge
  • NBC-HIS, Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences