While attending a gathering I received a phone call. Tricia noticed me struggling to hear. She asked if she could look at my hearing aids. Just by looking at them she knew they could connect to my iphone. I had no idea! I live out of state and my audiologist never mentioned it to me. She asked if she could set it up for me, knowing full well that I live in Chicago and am not her patient. (But I will be if I ever move to Iowa.) Of course I took her up on her offer. Ever since I have a new found love for my hearing aids! So does my family, now we can talk on the phone!”


Connie B., retired teacher



I can't begin to tell you how ecstatic I am about my new hearing aids. In May I received my new ReSound Linx 3D hearing aids. One thing that makes them better than any hearing aid I had before, is to have them adjusted while I am at work. I contacted Tricia and asked to schedule an appointment for a little more volume. To my surprise I didn't need an appointment. All I needed to do was send a request thru an app on my phone. Tricia made the adjustments at her office and sent it via the 'cloud', to my iphone. I then opened my app and clicked apply. How cool is that. Thank you, Tricia, for making the process so easy, not to mention fun!”


Zachary, current patient



My hearing aids are working well. I am a long time patient of Loud & Clear Hearing. Any issues I have had have been addressed. I was having an issue with one of my hearing aids not fitting correctly. When Tricia joined the office she contacted me. She asked me to come in to see if she could help. She made a new impression and had the hearing aid remade. It has worked great ever since. I am very pleased with the results.”


Chris, retired



Tinnitus, what tinnitus?! I am so relieved, who knew hearing aids could help with my ringing in my ears. Well, Tricia did. While she was programming my new hearing aids she asked me about my tinnitus. I stopped for a second and was in shock. I no longer heard it! My new hearing aids have changed my life! I no longer have extra sounds in my head when I am wearing them. Thank you, Tricia, for everything. “


Anonymous, hard at work